Monday, March 19, 2007

Here are some pictures from Ryan's graduation party on Saturday, March 17th. I just figured I would post them here for family to be able to access. If you guys want the originals (higher quality and resolution), let me know and I'll try to find a way to get them to you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I have officially completed my first day back at school. Go me!

Actually, it wasn't that difficult. The most challenging thing was actually staying awake - not that my classes are in the least bit dull, but rather that I fell asleep at 1:30am this morning and was wide awake at 3:00am. I suppose that's payback for getting into the sleeping patern of going to bed at about 4am and getting up around noon for the past two weeks.

As I tossed and turned, my mind was relentlessly processing. It even got to the point where I started contemplating what would happen in the hypothetical event that I were to write a book. It would have to be fiction of course. My life isn't THAT interesting. Plus I don't know enough about much of anything to be able to write for more than 20 pages. The things one ponders at 3:00 in the morning truly are stranger than... fiction?

Today was also my first day as a member of the 15 student team that runs the Summit Fund (the College of Business' investment portfolio). I have to wonder if anyone else on the team feels as intimidated or inadequate as I do? I definitely have the desire to be there and do my best, and I suppose that's the most important part. But being on this team also elevates you to a certain level where you are being watched a lot more closely than just an average student dozing off in accounting. I guess it's time to really push myself and see how well I can do!

One of my favorite classes is also back in session - Chinese! I loved/missed that class so much that I actually studied it a bit over break. Yes I know. I'm a nerd, but I'm proud! For some reason, the expression "sticks and stones may break my bones, but nerds will never hurt me..." comes to mind. I don't know why, but it did. But for some reason I highly doubt it holds much veracity.

Just for your information, CSU must have the most crowded recreation center that I've ever seen. It's amazing. Of course, it being the first day of school and everything, I imagine that the majority of people there were in one of those idealistic "lets get things started off on the right foot!" phases. I give them two weeks. Then it shouldn't be so bad. Regardless, I hopefully will be going at 10:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays after Chinese because, as I have discovered, college students are morning averse. They will do everything possible to avoid having to deal with mornings. That's why they invented hangovers. It's a clever excuse to sleep in and be miserable and not emerge until after lunch time.

Another thing I have observed about students here at CSU, and presumably the majority of educational institutions across the nation: they also walk really slowly. In fact, I can only think of three occassions where someone actually passed me, walking faster than me. (Naturally I don't count the times when I was walking with someone else). As I discussed with a friend a while back, this fact, coupled with the fact that CSU has such a huge campus, means that these students are actually slowly making their way to their classes from yesterday. They just haven't gotten there yet.

As if this wasn't random enough, I have discovered that life is a lot more bearable when you go on an endorphin binge. I went to the rec center and worked out. Yes, it did thoroughly kick my trash, but I still felt great afterward. Massochists have a natural knack for being able to see the gain that is covered up by pain. For some extra, healthy protein following my workout, I have found that nothing beats chilled shrimp with hot and spicey cocktail sauce. Shrimp have a very light flavor that is quite pleasing (in my opinion), plus they are cool and naturally wet, which adds to the refreshment. Adding the fact that spicey food has a tendancy to increase the mind's production of endorphins, this is pretty much the biggest natural, healthy high that can be experienced. Throw a little bit of fresh broccoli into the picture and, well, that may be going a bit overboard.

You laugh at me, but secretly you're jealous. I can tell :p

I also got a whole mess load of paper work done for my application for hopefully being able to study abroad next fall. Hopefully I can get this done and out of the way before the homework starts piling up.

Well, I'm off to go hit the books again. I hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Just some cool backgrounds I found.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Spring 2006 Painting Continued

School has been out for over a week now. My days are currently falling a bit shy of what I could make them to be, but at least I am able to get in some more painting again. It is actually really fun. I just take my laptop into the kitchen, put on some headphones, and paint away while listening to some good tunes. That has to be one of my favorite things in life.

So here is the photo of my work in progress. I must admit that the reds are a bit too saturated in this picture, but this is pretty much how it is coming along. I think I may actually be able to finish it later today. I'm excited! I have a goal set to produce 4 good, unique paintings this summer, so this one will be the first one. If I am ambitious enough, perhaps I will do more. Whatever I do, I will post them on here. So be sure to check back!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bowling Baby!

Bowling alleys make for surprisingly hard places to take pictures. But here's what souvenirs we were able to take back with us.

Chalk Drawing, January 2006

After debating on the best way of posting a whole mess load of pictures for my work as Historian this semester for Delta Sigma Pi, I decided to just put them up on here. If I get creative enough, or at least motivated enough, I may even find a way to post some videos.

Before the semester even began, we kicked off our recruitment events with some quality, artistic publicity. Despite a few brushes with local law enforcement authorities, everyone had a great time and the weather was just plain amazing for mid January.

Zach and Kim



Me (Joe)

Home Sweet Home (Jessica's Idea)


Group Shot
(Jimmy, Zach, Kim, Jessica)



The Biggest Pi Ever
(Jimmy and JD)


Drawing by Joe and Megan


Ester Again

Monday, April 10, 2006

Delta Sigma Pi Formal 2006

This was another one of those random snap shots. I love these unplanned pictures.

This one is definitely going to be a classic. The hilarious "not quite ready" pictures!

Ashley and Kathryn

A nice picture of Matt, Laura, and Ivan

Gotta love those random shots into the crowd


Following initiation on Friday, my fraternity went up to Silver Creek for some good times, great music, hot hot tubs, and a well earned break from school and the old FC.

I was on risk management, so that meant that I had to do exactly what I do any way: not drink. It was cool though. It's really nice to get to chill with everyone in an environment of complete relaxation and fun and really just let our own personalities show through. The dancing was fun, as it usually is. It's especiallyl nice to be surrounded by people I know so I can just go dance with whoever and just have a good time since we are all friends.

After such a nice break, I feel surprisingly less exhausted with school and everything. I was actually really surprised by that. I think I need more vacations.